84333 - The heroes

N. Lygeros

– We can be at the right place in Time.
– That’s the difference.
– We have all the data we need to change any situation.
– That’s why we can be heroes…
– What do you mean? Like those we can see in our past.
– It’s not important to know how many capacities you have but how many you really use to change the world.
– This is also a paradox…
– Society avoids the difference.
– But ask the different persons to protect it.
– We are built to protect only innocent people of Humanity.
– This makes the biggest difference.
– We save good people.
– Is this sufficient?
– Each of them is precious for Humanity.
– So this is sufficient…
– It’s the best we can.
– We continue.
– The world is what heroes make.
– For the souls.