84335 - The codename

N. Lygeros

– The colours are a code.
– Even a codename.
– In the heraldic sense.
– It’s the relation between deep history and superhistory.
– The mental bridge.
– In the network of Mankind.
– It’s an old codification of the new data.
– It’s the new code of old time.
– It works like the Testament.
– It’s the proof of the existence of continuity.
– Nothing from nothing.
– Everything from something.
– And now, everything from everything.
– It’s a new opening.
– For the ignition.
– A double touch of Time.
– A kind of magic.
– With high efficiency.
– Like a grace.
– All that in the colours.
– The blue and the red.
– The beauty and the sacrifice.
– The work and the impact.
– The teleological ontology.