84340 - Give me a sign

N. Lygeros

– Is it possible?
– If you tell me what, maybe…
– Can you give us a sign?
– I gave you many…
– Really? How is it possible?
– For you, everything I do is simply normal.
– You mean that for the others it would be already a sign.
– I suppose.
– Can you give us an example?
– In which field?
– Oh, my God, there are many.
– When each day is essential…
– It’s already a sign.
– But for you, it’s natural.
– Indeed.
– But did you see it before?
– Never.
– So you asked something which was new.
– Even the request was new.
– Because you saw the difference.
– In fact there is no comparison.
– But this uniqueness is natural for you.
– Even if it is supernatural.
– This is the same with superhistory.
– You create it each day but we see only the history.