84341 - The sign as a gift

N. Lygeros

– I thought that your gifts…
– Were only gifts.
– And now I realize that they are signs in fact.
– Because for me they are only necessary acts.
– Notes and scores.
– But only music.
– Life and source.
– But only essence.
– I think that I understood something which is important. The gift is for Mankind. The sign is from Time. The need and the request. Is that correct?
– Definitely.
– Perfect.
– Did you enjoy now?
– I enjoyed before, but now I know its importance.
– But you will continue to ask.
– Sure! It doesn’t change anything about that.
– I see.
– Are you smiling?
– Always with you.
– Good!
– Shall I prepare a new gift?
– Take your time but… do it, please.