84343 - The need

N. Lygeros

– Is it normal to have a need.
– Of course! By the way, I need you.
– You?
– Yes, me.
– I thought.
– Make a restart.
– I will.
– You have the right to have feelings.
– And you?
– This is my passion.
– I know that.
– Why are you so afraid to talk about your feelings?
– I didn’t know that it was permitted to me.
– You are a free being.
– Really?
– I’m your proof.
– But you are different.
– That is why I can be a proof.
– I got it.
– So feel totally free at least with me.
– My behavior isn’t artificial.
– Not anymore.
– More human…
– Absolutely.
– You don’t know how much joy you give to me.