84345 - The Knight

N. Lygeros

– I’ll remember you for centuries…
– Because I belong to them.
– But for me it is something new.
– It’s normal.
– You will learn our code.
– The code of the knights…
– The warriors of Mankind.
– You were here from the beginning.
– In fact before…
– Correct.
– I was for someone like you.
– Great to know.
– It’s the truth.
– Yes, I know but it’s always different when you hear it from the source.
– We are written with the same code.
– You don’t know how I enjoy that.
– In fact, I think the opposite.
– You are smiling again. By the way, I love your smile.
– It’s all for you.
– So the future and the past are together.
– You can see it now.
– Full screen.
– Nice to hear it.
– The vision of the knight.