84351 - The umbrella

N. Lygeros

– It’s the first time that I see an accordion becoming an umbrella.
– Everything is possible when there is an urgent need.
– In some way you have been prepared to do this sign.
– The timing is very important.
– Because Time is with us.
– And the instrument?
– When the musician has a talent, he is compatible with the deep thought.
– So he was a tool…
– No, a helper, a precious helper.
– I see. Everyone is used to make the good thing.
– The mission is collective.
– But at the same time, you give a lesson.
– It’s one of the best ways to help without mentioning it.
– In this case, is it possible to get a Pareto solution and not only a Nash one?
– Yes, even if it is more difficult.
– And at the same time, more human for the innocent people.
– This is the more important.