84352 - All in one

N. Lygeros

– You need to be the same with them.
– It’s not the most difficult part.
– Due to the chameleon effect.
– The most difficult is the acceptance of the difference.
– Which makes the difference.
– There is a limitation.
– They see only what they understand.
– And they make their projections.
– But they are always irrelevant.
– They think that they understand the notion of Love of Mankind.
– But they can’t get the notion in one person. The all in one is tough.
– Because it’s the reality.
– This reality is beyond their imagination.
– That’s why they say so often that something is fantastic.
– In fact, the fantastic is the delimitation of their thoughts.
– I see.
– But it doesn’t change anything.
– You continue to love them as they are. This is the Love of Mankind.