84354 - The rarity

N. Lygeros

– Everybody knows the slogan of the three Musketeers.
– One for all and all for one.
– In reality, everybody accepts  the second part.
– And the first part?
– They don’t think that it’s possible.
– Even the believers?
– Only the absolute ones.
– I see.
– So the rarity is also a link.
– Everybody wants to be loved.
– But nobody wants to love everyone. It’s too tough.
– They don’t see the pure good.
– Only the sacrifice.
– The rarity is natural for someone who is rare.
– It’s artificial only for the others.
– Others would like to be considered as rare persons and to obtain that, they create small groups.
– They make a confusion…
– Rarity is not a restriction.
– And restriction is not a rarity.