84355 - A message in a universe

N. Lygeros

– With the splitting effect, we can have a message in a universe.
– You imagine this universe as a bottle.
– Maybe a bottle of Klein.
– I see.
– A polycyclical link.
– It’s fine now.
– It’s a way to imagine the whole Mankind.
– As a hyperstructure in the deep history.
– As a part of polycyclicity in the superhistory.
– So Mankind is also rare.
– In fact, unique.
– That’s why it’s a so big problem for the societies of oblivion.
– Its presence it’s a paradox.
– All of them say that only the present counts.
– But Mankind doesn’t belong to the present.
– Its omnipresence is the core of their existential problem.
– They can’t accept its essence.
– Because the essence is the source of life.