84356 - In the desert of souls

N. Lygeros

– I never thought about this definition for societies of oblivion.
– The desert of souls…
– Yes, this one..
– It was a question of time for you.
– You mean that I would realized this by my own.
– You don’t live a thousand years…
– For the moment.
– That’s what I meant.
– It represents a paradox.
– Because everybody is thinking that in a society, you will find many people.
– And many souls…
– But at the same time nobody cares about the others.
– In this desert, you can find oasis.
– They are like small paradises.
– But the souls need more to be free.
– I know… That’s why we are here, even here.
– You mean in the desert.
– In the occupied territories.
– As a creation of gardens.
– And parks.