84357 - You see what you get

N. Lygeros

– Before, I thought that we just need to open our eyes to see. But I learned that we see only what we get.
– It’s a good starting point.
– For what?
– For the next step…
– Beyond that…
– You feel the thoughts of the soul.
– Three ideas in the same sentence.
– It’s a necessity.
– So my feelings are related to the thoughts.
– They are opposite.
– Of the soul.
– Always.
– It’s a way to see it.
– Of course.
– This is also new.
– Don’t worry. It’s new also for the others.
– So the soul is crucial.
– It’s the foundation.
– The rest are only sensors.
– No projection.
– Just essence.
– Drops of the life.
– Gift of the source.