84360 - The compatibility

N. Lygeros

– Do you have to be normal?
– To be understandable?
– Yes.
– Of course, I have to but it’s fine for me.
– Good…
– Because?
– I was wondering if it’s possible for an universal genius.
– In fact, everything is possible.
– Cool!
– No restriction, no limit. But don’t ask me to lie.
– I know, I know… I just wanted to be sure.
– An universal genius is always compatible with Mankind.
– As you do with me.
– You are my soul.
– You’re too kind.
– I say the truth.
– I know it. But I also know that you love me.
– It’s also true.
– Sure. Oh, it’s impossible to find a solution with you.
– I’m with you.
– That’s exactly what I want.
– You have it.