84361 - Gossips

N. Lygeros

– Shall I take care of you?
– Feel free.
– Fine. And about the gossips?
– Gossips?
– The social conversations.
– I do not belong to society.
– I know, so no comment?
– It’s a kind of illness.
– A social illness.
– I’m already vaccinated.
– Is it an attack of the barbarity?
– Yes, but for them. They feel free but they are contaminated.
– I see.
– You just have to tell them the truth.
– And if they continue?
– Put the blame on them.
– Everything is clear now.
– Great, because we don’t have time to waste on that.
– If they have time to do that, it’s only because they don’t produce any work for Humanity.
– I know.
– Now I understand the noise in the desert of souls.
– Gossips…