84362 - We get what we deserve

N. Lygeros

– Is it true that we get what we deserve?
– Yes it is, but it’s never easy when what we do is constructive.
– It belongs to the struggle.
– Always.
– But at the end?
– There is the justification.
 – And what about the justice?
– Justice is related to societies.
– Only justification is related to Humanity?
– There is no choice. We are working for the centuries.
– But Time is indeed with us?
– Always.
– So we get what we deserve but not right now.
– If you mean at the same time, the answer is never.
– You can’t be more clear.
– That’s why we always have to choose what we have to do without knowing in the advance when we will get the result.
– But we did that when we saved a person?
– No, don’t wait for that.
– They just ask for help…