84363 - The centuries

N. Lygeros

– The centuries are the units of chronostrategy.
– This is like monads.
– Are they so fundamental?
– Absolutely.
– So we have time.
– To see the impact of our acts.
– Even if we need time.
– We have it.
– But future starts slowly.
– Because slowness is related to the memory.
– So the slowness is calculated.
– Always in strategy.
– And in tactics.
– There is no time for correction.
– The error ends the process.
– But the error is not lethal.
– So the problem is the lethal combination.
– Exactly. That’s why we have to avoid it for the others.
– And when it’s impossible?
– The calculation changes…
– What do you mean?
– We are not talking about bodies.
– Only about souls.
– Every soul deserves to be saved.