84365 - The feelgood factor

N. Lygeros

– The feelgood factor is real?
– Of course and it’s very important in the process of salvage.
– How it’s possible?
– We can save only those who want to be saved.
– And for that they have to be impacted by this factor.
– It’s an intermediate for our mission.
– So we have to use it.
– Even more.
– Really?
– The feelgood factor depends not only on the mood but also on the mentation.
– You mean that someone who knows that he will be saved, will resist even more.
– And he will help us to save him.
– It looks like a feedback.
– Are you thinking about Wiener?
– Yes, indeed.
– It’s a part of the path of light.
– So it’s not only real but also complex as an active process.