84366 - The beauty of love

N. Lygeros

– Why dictators hate love?
– They are afraid of its beauty.
– Because the beauty can save the world.
– It’s not only that. Love has a deep link with Humanity.
– With love even simple persons can feel what pure good is.
– Interesting… It’s like an access…
– An easy one but also very efficient.
– They can be transformed.
– And even transcend their existence.
– And barbarity can’t put them down.
– Love wins misery.
– Love is robust.
– Love of Mankind.
– Then everything is possible.
– Love is a part of Faith.
– That’s why it’s so important.
– It’s also a way to liberate the humans of the occupied territories.
– It’s so natural for them to see this hate of the barbarity.
– Love  isn’t natural but transcendal.
– It’s an access to freedom.