84367 - Deep inside

N. Lygeros

– Deep in the eyes…
– Are you thinking about something?
– I thought how important the eyes are for humans.
– With them, they say that you can see the soul.
– Strange wording.
– The important is to share the inside of your being.
– Did they realize that?
– How important is to go inside?
– Yes.
– It’ not so abstract.
– The skin is a limit.
– But not an interdiction.
– With love is no more a delimitation between inside and outside…
– Everything is shared.
– No limit.
– It’s not just a touch.
– It’s deeper than the contact and even the relation.
– The link is created when there is no more this limitation.
– Like the Yin Yang.
– Each part is inside the other.
– The beauty of love.