84368 - On the sea

N. Lygeros

– For the struggle of Mankind against barbarity, love is more important than I thought initially.
– You just had to ask…
– Can I ask more?
– Of course.
– I want a close-up to understand each detail of love.
– I see…
– But also a medium-long shot to admire the full source.
– Something else?
– For the both sides.
– You are…
– I know… And at the end the double liberation.
– And you?
– I’ll be watching all the shots and I will create the manifold of love with your essence.
– I thought you’ll never ask me.
– But I did it now.
– You don’t know how quiet you are when you have so many requests at the same time.
– You love me in this way.
– Sure!
– Can we?
– On the sea.