84370 - Harmony of Soul

N. Lygeros

– Harmony is a way to protect the souls.
– It’s a global approach.
– And even holistic…
– Because we need to save each of them.
– Bozonic revolution.
– There is no interdiction…
– Wonderful.
– You have the vision now.
– Legends never die.
– Exactly.
– And this is the same for the souls.
– That’s why their freedom is so important.
– So harmony is not only for the end.
– Harmony is in the beginning.
– In the beginning was the Harmony.
– This is the essence.
– Now, I understand the essence of Harmony.
– It’s the way.
– The path of the light.
– We are together for the salvation of the souls.
– Always…
– Forever and ever!