84383 - The collection

N. Lygeros

It was important for him to have this collection.  It wasn’t a part of his imagination but of his life. He was connected with this collection. It was a proof for him that he was from the beginning a believer. The collection was always in his mind. By this way he had directly access to a crucial part of Humanity. For the others, all the idea was strange. That’s why he was a stranger for them. For him, the souls were always important. And it was the same for the Legends. From the first time he was attracted by the genesis of the old stories. He loved heroes because it was a way for him to be free. With them, society wasn’t any more an abstraction. He was studying every detail of those books. He knew everything about them. It was his real universe. Many years after he realized  that it was a preparation. He was prepared for the first contact. He wasn’t sure about himself but he was very confident about his faith. All those stories were a part of his history and even his superhistory. He had many notes about anything because it was a crucial need for him. And when he saw him, he knew that he deserved his salvation. His love for the legend was pure.  He knew everything about the warrior of Mankind. But he was waiting for the flashpoint.