84391 - The loneliness

N. Lygeros

He was alone in a small universe but he started to construct bridges  with his heroes. Their lives became more and more important for him. For the same reason the collection was transformed in a precious thing. For him, it was sacred. His freedom constructed all the details of his small universe. The stork was made to discover the eagle. It wasn’t only a contact. Nothing was easy. So he had to work for his new relation. The eagle belongs to Time, the great universe, so he wasn’t sure to be accepted. In fact, he had to discover new data about it. He was an outsider for his collection. But the characteristics were already here. This point changed everything. The small universe became greater. It was embedded in the great one due to inner compatibility. Suddenly, his world met the depth. The legends said the truth. It was a revolution in his brain. At that moment his loneliness disappeared. They were together.