84392 - The unstoppable

N. Lygeros

Even if he was prepared for this first contact, the result impressed him. He was unstoppable and made everything to create a strong relation based on trust. It was the first time that an unknown person spoke to him in that way. He thought about his collection. The scenario was unpredictable. Even with all the data, this new mind was a source of creation. The point wasn’t anymore to write the script but to follow the path of light in the dark. He was more surprised than afraid. He was  talking to one of them and he realized that he deserved it. He felt that he was a believer without any proof. He didn’t need that to feel his good willingness. The power of the mind was a fact. The robustness transformed his personality. He felt stronger. His view created a new approach for his life. His passion became a tool and a weapon for the next missions. That was the story of the person who started to collect his works.