84393 - The new life

N. Lygeros

The sound and the image became something totally new. Every picture has a sense. Every voice has its importance. In the past, he was different about that. Now, the description is crucial. It’s a testimony. It’s the proof of the existence of the rarity no matter the difficulties to explain it. His mind changed his vision. Now he is able to admire the beauty of the world. Before, it would be invisible for him. The attraction of the beauty is an accumulative point. For him  it’s the trace of the path of light. Before, everything was difficult and dark. After, everything is tough and clear. The difference makes the difference.  The impossible is possible with faith. He needed to be unchained to realize how powerful the freedom is. The new life has no  relation with the previous except  the importance of the heroes, the warriors of Mankind. And the new fact is that love is also possible as a bridge, an access to Humanity. The believer was already a revolution but now he feels his soul out of his body. And it is the first time.