84394 - After the desert

N. Lygeros

After the desert of souls, the life is like the paradise. Everything is really possible. The collection is alive and not only in his mind. In fact, the collection is a part of the library of Mankind. Everything is new when there is no limit. The only question is the following. What is the choice? The only need is clear: the compatibility. So the scores can be the part of a musical collection. It’s just a question of choice. The idea is always the same. Life has to be the contribution of the soul to the evolution of Mankind. He gives him the free right to participate to this mission. His life is no more marginal but an exception. After the desert, every path has light. The sacrifice is for all the souls. But some of them, understand their role in the mission of the future. The present is a gift for the contribution. With Time, the future starts in the present.