84395 - The sound of silence

N. Lygeros

The sound of silence is the colour of the painting. It’s no more an enigma but a fact. But it was unimaginable before. Now he is able to listen even to its music at the same time. The painting is alive and nothing else matters. The reality is an object of creation. So his life is no more passive but active. Because of the embedding of his small universe, the rest seems to be an extension and in fact, a natural one. That’s why for him it is an expansion. Every of his moves is compatible in this new framework. And he can feel the wind of freedom. The choice isn’t between war and peace but between freedom and compromise. So for him, the sound of silence is a new proof that the resolution of a paradox produces a contribution for the evolution of Humanity. He feels like a vertex of a network because he’s no more an isolated point in the desert of souls. It’s still unbelievable for him but it’s his new life.