84396 - Out of the muddy waters

N. Lygeros

The life with the network differs from any other because is not only free but also connected. For the souls is now an evidence even if before it wasn’t obvious. Each of their requests becomes reality. So their choice is in fact the next reality. The bifurcation is created by the choice but the path follows. And this is the innovation. The souls are talking about a reality which is not only potential. Their willingness has a direct impact. That’s why they can see the soul factor. This feeling is incredible for a soul because it proves that they can change the world and this one can be better. The importance of this option is not a game but a responsibility because they know the Salvator mundi, the savior and his vision of the world. They are no more scared. He’s always with them as Time is with Humanity. There is no exception. One vision for the souls: the salvation with the freedom.