84397 - The new opening

N. Lygeros

In this new possibility to impact the world, the souls can see the sign directly without waiting for that anymore. Their action is his realization. It’s not only a connection but a link, a powerful link with the source and the essence. It’s a new opening in superhistory. There is no more nostalgia for an innocent time. Now Time is a part of their lives. And perfection is the wings of faith. So harmony has its essence and they can drink it every time there is a need. No limit. Free. Backward and forward. The souls are now in the holistic approach. They are beyond the order and they have access to the well order even in the infinite case with their choice. They don’t see only the pages of the book but the library of the books. In this new opening, the point is not only the creation but also the salvation. They don’t need a Messiah if he’s not a savior for the souls.