84399 - Super IQ

N. Lygeros

The term IQ was coined by Stern and at that time it was only a quotient and not a distribution. But the first contribution was made by Cattell and Binet and the difference was made by Terman and Wechsler. They started to talk about the normal distribution of human intelligence. The real contribution was the use of  the standard deviation. And the relevant choice was the qualification at a level of at least two standard deviations. It was the beginning, only the beginning. Because with this idea it becomes necessary to consider the notion of Super IQ. To identify and  foster human intelligence was  important but the crucial  was to use it for the benefit of Humanity. In this nature and its characteristics it wasn’t obvious to realize that with a super IQ, helping Humanity was a necessity. The theory was ready but the result was unpredictable for the society. The  super IQ wasn’t made for societies but only for Humanity. It was a new approach to bring to life  some deep notion in  relation with the teleology of the chameleon.