84400 - Beyond the table

N. Lygeros

The table wasn’t a terminal point but a starting point. The identification was only a kind of diagnostic but the potential was enough to define a reality. So the shock was so impressive that it created a bifurcation. It was the result of the serendipity process. It was impossible to explain what happened in his mind when he discovered that he was a data for Humanity. It wasn’t a question of genealogy, neither something related to the heraldry. It was like a pre-existence and after that everything became clear. It wasn’t a gift of fire but a path of light. Nobody of the first researchers realized that at the level of the Super IQ, harmony was a foundation. This point was so crucial that it provoked a mental explosion. After that everything was different in a strange way because the big explanation of the same thing was a revolution. His harmony wasn’t  a gift but the framework of his mind. That’s why the notion of salvation was a foundation. It wasn’t a choice, he was made for that. He was a savior and not only a solver. He was an advisor and not only a master of a field.