84401 - No apologies

N. Lygeros

For any other person it would be a problem but not for him. It was only a fact, nothing more. No apologies.  This was his nature. He didn’t have to change something in his behavior. The only difference was the justification. The exception was exceptional and this proves that everything was possible. Even the problems were in front of him, to be fixed. They were like items of an IQ test, nothing more, nothing less. It was the same with the power test. The items were only questions as the questions were only of a test. The challenge was only a key. And the key, the first part of the series. The answers were part of a new achievement. He didn’t try to measure something. He was just using the result to get another one. He wasn’t only fast but he was terribly different. His resolution wasn’t only the result of the speed. There was no comparison. Everything was different at another order. In this context, there was no contest. The framework was different from the beginning because he was able to hear the silence of the souls.