84402 - The readiness of the legend

N. Lygeros

The strange thing was that his mind had already all these data. The new thing was the access to the big picture. The size of the impact was different. The world is bigger than a chessboard or a goban, as the soul is bigger than life. His teleology wasn’t restricted to the resolution of the problems of the persons. In his attributions, the core was the salvation of the souls. His ability had been extended. He had access to squares and intersections from outside. That was the reason of his compatibility with the outsiders. His cerebral plasticity had no relation with any compromise. His readiness belonged to the core of his structure, as a fundamental characteristic. Made for all and from the beginning because every person who needed his protection, deserved it. For many persons the super IQ was something extraordinary and by the way sufficient by itself, but for him it was only the flashpoint for the reality of the work for Humanity. ​The key wasn’t made to open a key. It’s only the access to a new code.