84403 - The new code

N. Lygeros

For the souls the new code was a deep surprise and even an example of serendipity. It was something totally new. They didn’t know anything about his history and everything was different. They tried to catch at least parts of his mind. But they accepted that it was simply impossible. And his work was unknown to them. They saw only his presence without any background. This could be a problem, but for him it was even better because they accepted him as he was and for any other reason, even if they were many to justify his existence. The new code was full of light. They couldn’t even imagine the size of the work which was dedicated to Humanity. But they were part of it in a natural way. His mind flowed in them. For him, they were totally open like a book of his own human library. And even their reactions at the beginning didn’t constitute an obstacle for the connection with knowledge. The new code created the link but it was too early for the alloy. They had to discover the essence and its source to start their evolution next to him.