84404 - The thesaurus

N. Lygeros

The thesaurus is invisible without faith. And the key is always necessary. Out of the box, like the soul with the body, all the work for Humanity changed their vision. With the light of the superhistory, the legend started to write for the future. It’s not an extrapolation but the realization of the mind due to its beauty. This fact is not obvious. The souls remembered their first contact and the length of the path to the light. Because even if the light is visible, the essence is invisible and the source is inaccessible. Only absolute believers could see the new code. It’s not a question of commitment to the ideal of a system. Faith is not only that. If there is no freedom, the framework is not compatible with the faith. The souls can see that but it’s complicated for the bodies. Without the traces, the essence is unimaginable. Without serendipity even if you see the essence, it makes no sense. You need to be open minded to feel the revelation. It’s not just a discovery it is a gift for ever and ever.