84405 - The passion

Ν. Λυγερός

Each day is a gift for him. This is what the souls say. His force is autonomous and it follows his own willingness but always for the grace of the souls. With him everything is new. Any change is an update and an upgrade. The positrons and the combinations have always a double target. Because he has to give more than what they ask. Even if they want all, his duty is beyond their imagination because it’s linked with his generosity. The beautiful mind has always the souls in his thought. They are monades of Humanity and he has not only to protect them and of course to save them but also the duty to enjoy them in any manner. This is a way to give the pleasure of the beauty. Every day can be beautiful. Faith can do it. So it’s a question of willingness when he is with the souls. They can feel his passion for them. And this passion has inside also the desire of the willingness to change the world for the evolution of Mankind and the salvation of souls. This is the revelation.