84406 - The shape of the souls

N. Lygeros

To save the souls, he has to shape like an heraldic shield to protect them against the attacks of the barbarity. The new code is working like a program. It permits to create a shield of light for the souls. It’s also a part of superhistory. And the point is simple. The souls have to be protected like this, to resist and to participate to the struggle of Humanity against barbarity. This light transforms the sheep into the tetramorph. The same is shaping the souls to make them warriors of Mankind. Because a way to protect innocent people is to shape their souls. This protection gives time to the savior to save them when they are  attacked. It’s like a castle of light. For him, it’s natural. For the non-believer it’s artificial. But in any case, it’s necessary if a soul wants to contribute to the revelation. Because the struggle against barbarity needs the power of love. In harmony, love is beyond the link and that’s why it’s an alloy of souls.