84414 - The other vision

N. Lygeros

For the souls it was a revolution to discover his vision of the world. The vision made with his mind, is able to create the biggest changes. Light constitutes the core of the power of life. In this way the other vision has another view of the reality. There is no more scenario. But it isn’t an improvisation. It’s pure creativity of the spirit inside the love. Every trace has a sense because it belongs to the essence. The souls were always from the other side. They could only watch without saying anything. With him the feedback was possible. He can speak to them without obstacles. They can hear him. There is no show. It’s real life but this life is so precious that it can be considered as a show for any spectator. For the souls it’s a liberation. The bridge is always open and they can choose the side they want. They are no more passive. They can be active. That’s why their contribution is possible now. And this is the big difference for their evolution. The painting is now the real world and this one is his creation.