84424 - The sensors

N. Lygeros

It was usual for him to be accepted by the sensors which were more evolved. It was always like this from the beginning and the difference was impressible. It was a fact. Everything was related to faith. The difference with the simple philosophy had impacted the whole evolution and of course the behaviors of all the others. His intelligence was made for Mankind and not only for him. This point became obvious only after years even for the souls. They thought initially that the equivalent should be a singularity but it was finally insufficient because the impact was more global. The sensors were able to detect this field but only the souls could really appreciate its dimension. For the others nothing was visible as if the knowledge was confined. They could see the book but not the library. They could admire the chimney fire but not the light of the castle. The sensors could feel the fire as a trace of the essence of the light. But the mastering of the light was perceptible only to the souls because they were absolute believers.