84425 - The beautiful deviation

N. Lygeros

After so many standard deviations, the notion of deviation became beautiful. It represented a point of the harmony. The convergence constituted a part of equilibrium. The beautiful deviation was also a characteristic of the absolute believers. This was known to the souls. They didn’t have to ask why because it was a fact. The value of faith wasn’t only a theoritical point of view of the philosophy and it hadn’t of course any relation with the psychology. Everything was so different that there was no need to give some explanation. In fact the explanation was needed only to those who were uncertain. They didn’t know the next level and for them the acceptance was simply impossible by its own. They needed all the time for answers to their questions. In reality they just believed that they were believers but they were only questioners. And they were just above the dogmatics who had no questions at all. In their minds, the exegesis was a need due to the lack of faith. And he hadn’t time to waste with them.