84426 - The classification

N. Lygeros

The dogmatics were a waste of time. The followers needed to spend time with them. The believers were together due to their sensors. The absolute believers were the souls who were able to see the light beyond the fire and the essence beyond the trace. This classification was a kind of clarification. With that everything was clear. It was only a question of choice but not a multiple choice. The truth was unique. And the truth didn’t belong to the set of choices. It was totally independent. And had a direct access to the question without distractors. This was known in the super IQ but it wasn’t so easy to conceive without a preparation. But to imagine the mastering of all that was also tough. So the faith was again the ultimate access to the reality of light beyond any obstacle. It was outside of any loop of the system and far away any equilibrium. Faith was an access to freedom. And peace was no more an obstruction because the minds were at last unlocked.