84427 - Another world

N. Lygeros

Many people just want another chance to play the same game because they can’t imagine for themselves a different life. But the other world exists. It’s not far. It depends of your faith. You are free to leave the society to access to Mankind. It’s the only true world. There is no model, no scenario. Those who think that they believe call it paradise because they think that it’s inaccessible. It looks for them like the infinity before the discovery of Cantor. The interdiction was fake and someone has to dare to overcome it. With faith it’s possible. Without it’s forbidden. The freedom of this world, it’s a foundation and not an option. In the multiple choice of societies, Mankind do not belong to the set of options. It’s the only true. Mankind is not restricted to that. Mankind is going through all these choices. Its uniqueness makes the difference. With him, the souls discovered that this was accessible and not forbidden. With him, harmony is possible no matter what the societies said. That’s the miracle.