84428 - Sky clear

N. Lygeros

This mission is related to tradition. The souls know that it’s crucial for him in the sense of the continuation of the history of Mankind. In the vision of barbarity, the notion of genocide is the best solution to fix a human problem. That’s why it considers that there is no tail of the event. But it’s wrong and especially after the contribution of Lemkin. The innocent people had to survive from the genocide but also to escape from its condition. They had also to support passively the exchange of population. It was another torture for their souls. The system wanted to cut any of their roots. It was a way to ensure their extermination at least in the space. But it was impossible to avoid the action of Time. The innocent people realized that their history would only be their own memory and testimony. That’s why they saved their books and especially the books of Faith even if most of them couldn’t read them. But they knew that this act was important for the future. With those books they created their first libraries in their new places of life. The system attempted to destroy them totally but finally their resistance was efficient. All the survivors started to refund their history because they realised after the genocide, how precious it was. The target of the mission was to contribute to their history with the salvation of their souls.