84429 - The contribution

N. Lygeros

He already knew his free territory. It was by the way his first real contact with this region. At that time the notion of recognition was very new. And the fight for its realization was tough. For the survivors everything was new. They had to learn how to contribute to the struggle of Mankind against barbarity. They had to understand that they weren’t an exception but a specificity. They were part of the same problem. They were initially the victims of the genocide and they became the survivors of the exchange of population. It was incredible but it was the truth. But this truth needed help to continue to exist to this new framework. For that purpose, strategy was necessary. This was the first contribution. The historic analysis of all the events was insufficient for the future. They needed also the strategy for the defense of their rights. At that moment every move was decisive. And when the asked him to help them, it wasn’t only a task but a duty. They were afraid for the reaction of the system and he had to convince them that they should create a strategic mix to get even more results in their struggle for recognition and continuation.