84430 - The new mission

N. Lygeros

After the fight of survival came the time of life. In the next chessboard of geopolitics, they had to find a way to live and to keep their memory safe. He was in the intermediate period. Life became a real target. It wasn’t only a description of their memory that they needed. It was also the creation of a program able to define for the first time the next steps of their fight in the framework of the struggle against barbarity. He gave them precious advice and helped them in the choice of the trajectories after the bifurcation. This contribution was a gift of light in the darkness of the society of oblivion. With him, they had new perspectives which were unknown to them even few months before. For them it was a real conceptual revolution. They were no more victims or survivors, they started to become believers because they saw the light. The future wasn’t no more a risk but an opportunity to create the next history. It wasn’t just a way to keep the old history. It was a way to create the new one. And this difference made the difference. He showed them the memory of the future not only for they own small town but for all the region.