84431 - The gamers

N. Lygeros

They were the pawns of an old game which was brutal. And they never saw the promotion. But with the new rules at a strategic level, they realized that it was possible to define a new war game against oblivion. They were responsible of a lighthouse of history. They didn’t play for their own survival. He showed them that they could contribute to their own salvation. It wasn’t only a question of tactical positions but also of a strategic revelation. They became players. They weren’t no more a small part of a big game. They were the creators of new rules and new games. With him, everything was possible because they had his support and they could fix any new problem in this adventure. They were responsible for their lives. And even if this story started slowly, it was a way to create history. This was very important for the souls because they had in front of them a paradigm of efficient resistance against oblivion which was a part of the activities of barbarity. It was a new cycle in the theory of the polycyclicity of Time.