84432 - The revelation

N. Lygeros

For the souls, it was a revelation. They were in an unknown territory where they could observe the impact of his work. They saw even his mentation in action. Because many of the events they discovered in this territory had been impacted by his spirit. Innocent people had realized his advice. And this was a fact which contributed to the new reality. The survival of the victims was only the very first part of a deep process of restoration of the memory, reconstruction of intelligence and refoundation of mind. In this new cycle, the center of their thought wasn’t the barbarity of the past but the Humanity of the future. They had the right to make their contribution. With him, they realized that Mankind was the polycyclical hyperstructure of the unborn, alive and dead people, and that the genocide was only a part of the Rights of Humanity. It was a revelation but the miracle was that they believed in that without any reluctance because they trusted him. It was incredible for the souls to see it so clearly. The work had changed the vision with the gift of the big pictures. It was a new discovery for his souls.