84433 - Fight time

N. Lygeros

Their decision was clear. Peace wasn’t a target for the innocent people. They understood that the most important was the freedom. They didn’t have to make a choice. All the data were obvious now. They had to resist not only to oblivion but also the pressure of the society which wanted to avoid any friction with the enemies of democracy. This new position permitted new combinations. A way to keep memory alive was to valorize intelligence and to create a work which had a trace in Time. This essence changed their configuration. And the fight time was possible. It was a need for the reconquest of lost territories. Memory could do it with the help of a super intelligence and it did it. No tears, no fears, just one mission: the liberation of occupied territories of minds. To be free wasn’t sufficient. They had to liberate other people who weren’t yet in contact with his light. And now it was possible to get new results which were unthinkable in the past because they weren’t ready to imagine them.