84434 - The counteroffensive

N. Lygeros

The end of the attack of barbarity was just the starting point of the new fight against oblivion. The crucial point was the beginning of the counteroffensive. This was the need of the righteous. The counter offensive was the condition sine qua non for the liberation. To liberate someone from oblivion, it wasn’t possible to fill him with memory. The mentation was indispensable. When the start is at the zero level, the first to do is to activate intelligence with a new way of thinking. And after this level, the storage of memory is possible. The reason is simple. This kind of memory is produced by the mentation. It’s not imposed like in the case of propaganda. Memory has to be free to be human. This point become obvious only after the contribution. Before that, they thought that memory was only a neutral object. But it was false. Memory has to be related to intelligence to be human. That’s why the counteroffensive has to follow this path for the liberation of the occupied territories. This point was now clear for all of them. And the souls enjoyed that at a high level. The unthinkable process has started.