84435 - Beyond the resistance

N. Lygeros

When the fight is tough the alliance of the network is decisive. At this level, every move counts. It’s visible to everyone who has access to the big picture. So beyond the resistance which is local there is the counteroffensive against barbarity. For the majority it’s quite invisible because they can’t see the real data at the strategic level. By the way, the propaganda uses this structural problem in its tactics but in vain. The reality on the ground pushes everything behind. So even if the system of oblivion is powerful because it’s based only on indifference, the reality changes everything and of course also the mentalities. When a victim becomes a fighter and especially a righteous, it’s unstoppable. The tradition keeps a part of the past but the creation is needed when someone wants to save the future of history. The souls can feel the memory of the future in practice because its light is omnipresent. That’s why the barbarity recognizes first its limitation and only after the crime against Humanity. So everybody knows, at least with righteous that victory is only a question of willingness.